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Foxy is a content filtering HTTP proxy. It can rewrite web pages on the fly using its internal filters and external user-written scripts. * Hides IP address and browser/OS information by spoofing sensitive HTTP request headers (X-Forwarded-For, User-Agent, Referer, or any other header). * Allows to surf anonymously using public proxies. Any number of proxies can be used; different proxies may be used for different sites. * Disables Google, Yahoo, and MSN click tracking mechanisms, speeds up your search, deletes commercial noise (like "sponsored links") from your search results. * Kills popups, banners, cookies, "web beacons", blocks server-side spyware. * Blocks access to porn or other inappropriate content using dictionaries (parental control). Content is analysed on the fly, so all known and yet unknown sources are blocked. * Tracks users' online activity and generates traffic reports. And much, much more...

Software Price: $17.99
Software Version: 1.8.0
Release Date
: 2/1/2008

Size: 1 MB
Platform: Windows NT/2000/XP/2003

Download Link: Foxy Download

Keywords: traffic reports cookies blocks popups content filtering proxy parental control script banners dictionary


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