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Clear levels by killing bugs.


A puzzle game where you create a sequence to destroy all insects in each level.

Tags: arrows bejeweled bugs collapse create destroy each exterminate exterminator game insect insects level puzzle sequence tetris

Putt your way through 18 holes.

Mini Golf Challenge 2002

Putt your way through 18 holes in this all original classic miniature golf game, but don't expect to master it on your first try!

Tags: 18 anti-ware challenge classic fast fun game golf grass green holes mini miniature original pga putt sports through tiger woods way

Test your street skating skills.

Suicide Skateboarding

Test your street skating skills in this intense platform skateboarding game. Each course is filled with ramps, pyramids, gaps, road cones, bottomless pits, deadly spikes, slippery oil puddles and more.

Tags: blade blading board boarder boarding hawk mario platform pro roll roller rollerblade rollerblading sk8 skate skateboard skateboarder skateboarding tony

18 holes of golf and 6 mini games.

Extreme Miniature Golf

18 holes of golf and 6 mini games. The golf greens are packed with cannons, lightning bults, pinball bumpers, moving platforms and sandtraps. After every three holes you have the option to boost or even gamble your score within the mini games.

Tags: 18 6 games golden golf golfer golfing green holes mayham mayhem mini mini games miniature miniature golf putt

Try this all out wacky putting game.

Miniature Golf Mayhem

Green after green of arrogant ground hogs, pinball bumber courses, deadly water drops, and racing track themed holes await your arival in this unusuall miniature golf game.

Tags: challenge courses driver full game golf golfer golfing green ground hogs hole mini miniature minigolf pinball putting stroke tiger try wacky woods


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