Create dynamic ToolTip content in ASP.NET


The ASPNetToolTip WebControl allows you to create beautiful dynamic, animated ToolTip content appear when the mouse rolls over any kind of HTML element(s).

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Add Audio (MP3) playback ASP.Net web pages

ASP.Net Audio

The ASP.Net Audio Component allows you to add to play backgound sound, and sound effects in ASP.Net websites. ASP.Net audio allows you to deliver background music, broadcasts, music samples & sound effects. It is supported by a full ASP.Net API.

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Add Flash Video (FLV) to ASP.Net web pages

ASP.Net Flash Video

The ASP.Net Flash Video Component allows you to add YouTube style Flash Videos (.flv files) to ASP.Net websites. ASPNetFlashVideo requires no Flash programming, and is skinable. Flash Videos are embedded as Search-Engine-Optimized XHTML.

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ASPNetFlash - The Flash Control for ASP.Net


ASPNetFlash - The ASP.Net Component for Adobe Flash media (.swf files). Add Flash movies to ASP.Net webpages. Powerful features include Xml & Database DataBinding, A Live Debug Console, and Full Microsoft AJAX support.

Tags: .net actionscript asp c# component control embed eolas flash flashobject flv swf webcontrol

ASP.Net Video Embeds Videos in .Net Web Forms


ASP.Net Video - The Video Component allows streaming videos to be directly embedded into .Net ASPX web pages. The WebControl produces seemless W3C XHTML for QuickTime (.mov), Real Player (.ram, .rmv), Windows Media Player (.wmv, .avi) ...

Tags: .net asp c# click to activate flv media player mediaplayer quicktime real real player realplayer streaming video windows media player

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