AXMEDIS/MPEG-21 Editors: authoring tool.

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AXMEDIS Editor is used for the manual production of AXMEDIS Objects, and allows creating and manipulating object features and their different aspects: Structure and packaging, to add, remove, move digital resources and metadata inside the AXMEDIS Object (hierarchy editor and viewer of the object), manipulation in terms of AXMEDIS elements and/or in terms of MPEG-21 standard; Resource manipulation, to use content processing plug-ins for generic and customizable resource manipulation (the same algorithms and tools used in the AXMEDIS Content Processing), so that it allow the test o AXMEDIS Content Processing algorithms; Metadata editing, allowing to edit/map the metadata (any XML format) related to digital resources and objects (metadata editor and viewer); Visual and behavioral editing, allowing to define content usage paradigm (presentation level) organization of resources to present/layouting the digital content contained inside the AXMEDIS Object (visual and behavioral editor and viewer), saving in SMIL, as templates, HTML, etc.; Protection editing, allowing to specify/test protection algorithms to be used for the AXMEDIS Object protection, and thus to define the Protection Information (Protection Editor and Viewer); DRM editing, allowing to produce and verify licenses for end users and/or distributors of the AXMEDIS Object as well as the Potentially Available Rights, PAR, that could be acquired on objects shared in the P2P Network (DRM editor and viewer); Workflow, allowing editing and viewing the status and the work to be done on the AXMEDIS Objects involved in the workflow process (workflow editor and viewer);

Software Price: Freeware
Software Version: 1.8.4
Release Date
: 8/31/2008

Size: 269.51 MB
Platform: XP

Download Link: AXMEDIS Editor Download

Keywords: p2p content distribution bittorrent grid multichannel distribution protection axmedis interoperable drm automated content pruduction mpeg-21 cross-media


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