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Expanded interface capabilities for a window

Actual Title Buttons

Add extended window manipulating capabilities to any window via new title buttons. Control window transparency on-the-fly, roll-up and unroll windows, minimize any window to TaskTray or keep any window on top of others with just a click! Try it now!

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Add transparency effect to any window

Actual Transparent Windows

Add transparency effect to any window such as Taskbar, WinAmp, Menus, Instant Messengers and others in Windows 2000/XP. You can set individual transparency rate from 0% (solid) to 100% (fully transparent) for each window to achieve the desired effect

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Add new buttons to any windows title bar

Actual Title Buttons Lite

Add new Rollup\Unroll Window and Stay on Top buttons to any window's title bar next to Minimize/Restore/Close. These useful new buttons are as easy to use as the standard ones. Configure any window to suit your tastes!

Tags: add always on top bar buttons new rollup shell stay stay on top taskbar icon title title buttons top unroll windows windows desktop

Make windows easy to use and beautiful!

Actual Window Decorations

Make windows easy to use and attractive! Add transparency effects, rollup action and title buttons! Add handy new "Minimize to Tray," "Stay on Top," and "Make Transparent" buttons to any window title bar! Configure every window to suit your tastes!

Tags: attractive buttons desktop easy icon make minimize rollup stay on top taskbar title translucent transparency transparent tray unroll window decorations windows

Roll up/unroll windows to title bars!

Actual Window Rollup

Minimize windows so only title bars remain visible. This is better than minimizing them to icons. You won't have to hunt for the windows you were using! Mix manual and automatic controls to your preferences.

Tags: bars desktop enhancement minimize remain roll roll up rollup shell shell enhancement taskbar icon them title unroll visible window windows windows desktop windows manager


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