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DLL to up/download files to an FTP server.

FTP File Transfer Library

Use the FTP protocol over Internet connections to programmatically manage the file systems of remote servers. Use this component to upload and download files, create remote directories and rename remote files. ships with context-sensitive help.

Tags: activex admin component connect copy delete develop dll file ftp move permission remote rename server

DLL to manage computer mixer settings.

Audio Manager Library

Enables control of computer mixer devices. It allows a developer to tap into all the features of a system mixer, e.g. volume controls, mute settings, etc. Includes an automatic fader and exposes a logical, hierarchical mixer object model.

Tags: activex audio component control develop dll mixer volume

Create and manage icons in the system tray.

System Tray Icon Manager

Create, update and remove icons from the system tray. Interpret mouse actions performed on the icon. Respond to mouse actions with popup menus and other effects. Object model provides access to existing icons created. ActiveX-compliant with help.

Tags: activex add component delete dll event icon manage menu notify popup shortcut system tray update

ActiveX EXE to play MP3s files.

MP3 Player Library

A component that can be used to play MP3 files, allows the user to delete selected data and save the resulting file. Also allows documentation of MP3 files with information such as track title, artist, etc. Ships with context-sensitive help.

Tags: activex background component document edit file interface mp3 play rewind save stop user

An audio multimedia management application.

Wave Editor Level 3

Wave Editor is an audio-multimedia application. Delete data from MP3s and save changes. Split and join wave files. Speed up and slow down wave files. Increase or decrease the playback volume of wave files. Includes all Version 1 and 2 functionality.

Tags: advanced audio compress convert down edit file files manage mixer mp3 music record speed up wave


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