Oracle to SQLServer storedprocedure migration

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AdventNet SwisSQL - Oracle to SQL Server Migration Tool


SwisSQL - Oracle to SQL Server Edition is an Automated Migration tool to convert Oracle PL/SQL stored procedures into equivalent Microsoft SQL Server Transact SQL code. It automates more than 90% of the Oracle PL/SQL code conversion into Transact SQL with very minimal manual intervention. SwisSQL migration tool removes the time consuming, tedious and error prone manual effort involved in typical migration projects and provides great productivity benefit with high quality output and short turnaround time. Significant Features: - Migration of Oracle PL/SQL packages, procedures, functions, triggers, cursors, tables and views into Transact SQL. - Supports conversion of PL/SQL In-Built Functions, SQL Queries & all In-Built data types (including user-defined types). - Supports conversion of most of the Oracle built-in packages including DBMS_OUTPUT, DBMS_SQL etc., - Supports conversion of complex query constructs like 'START WITH and CONNECT BY'. - Supports conversion of PL/SQL cursor variables, attributes & implicit cursors into Transact SQL. - Supports conversion of Oracle SQL queries into equivalent Transact SQL Queries including Theta joins, DECODE, '|| operator and others - Generates formatted, readable Transact SQL code with very good comments - Provides an ease to use Graphical user interface with support for single click driven migration. - The tool supports two modes of conversion: (i). It could fetch PL/SQL model directly from database and convert them (ii) Supports conversion of PL/SQL source files loaded from local directory. SwisSQL provides a 30 day free evaluation along with free customer support. AdventNet provides excellent support to its customers right from product evaluation till the successful completion of their migration project . Kindly download the products from

Software Price: Freeware
Software Version: 2.4
Release Date
: 5/5/2004

Size: 18 MB
Platform: Windows 95/98/ME, XP, Windows 2000, Unix, Linux

Download Link: AdventNet SwisSQL - Oracle to SQL Server Migration Tool Download

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