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60 stirring images of America, 240 puzzles.

Celebration of America - Playtonium Jigsaw

Cross the Delaware with George Washington, visit America's great cities and small towns, venture into National Parks, learn about America’s history. This puzzle pack contains 60 stirring photographic images which make 240 superior jigsaw puzzles.

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50 gorgeous Audubon paintings, 200 puzzles.

Audubon Birds of America - Playtonium Jigsaw

The beautiful watercolors of America's pioneering nature artist, John James Audubon, come to life in this jigsaw puzzle pack. 50 of his most stunning paintings from "The Birds of America" make 200 wonderful and challenging jigsaw puzzles.

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50 beautiful lighthouse photos, 180+ puzzles

Playtonium Jigsaw - Atlantic Lighthouses

Every lighthouse has a thousand tales to tell -- tales of courage, drama, our struggle to master the oceans. Every lighthouse setting has its own unique beauty, charm and character. 50 stunning photographs - more than 180 different jigsaw puzzles.

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Garfield images galore. Great jigsaw puzzles.

Garfield Goes to Pieces - Playtonium Jigsaw

The world’s favorite cat is celebrating his 25th birthday, and you’re invited to the party! The witty kitty’s paw prints (and rude ’tude) are all over this spectacular collection of jigsaws. 45 classic Garfield images make more than 170 puzzles!

Tags: 25 awesome collection free game garfield images jigsaw jigsaw puzzle make puzzle puzzles spectacular turns

50 remarkable art images, 200 puzzles

Playtonium Jigsaw - Enchanted Forest

Puzzles from the world of make believe. The fine art of Teo & Maria Kiriakov creates puzzles which jump off the screen; drawing one into the fantastic land of princesses, wizards, and forest nymphs. 50 stunning art images, 200 super jigsaw puzzles.

Tags: 200 50 art book different free fun game images jigsaw jigsaw puzzle kiriakov magic maria pack puzzle puzzle pack puzzles story stunning teo worlds


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