Arkanoid remake with non-linear levels.

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Arkanoid -The Virtual Isles

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From the name of the game you can see that this is one of the countless remakes of the glorious Arkanoid. The game's indubitable plus is the creativity of the authors who departed from making another blunt clone of the game and came up with the following new features: 1. Non-linear levels. It's up to you to choose the level (island) to play. 2. Game process. You don't need to destroy all the blocks on the game arena. Instead make your way up the level that is scrolling down. 3. Bonuses. Like in all games of this genre, there are bonuses in the blocks. In this game the blocks are also hiding the money for which you can buy various bonuses at the end of the level. And the best is that the bought bonuses can be used whenever and wherever you like, at any level and at any time. The authors managed to do the impossible - they have perfected the idea that was already perfect. Together with nice-looking graphics and good sound it makes a good product of the Arkanoid line for those who like it, but, alas, it's not more than the same old Arkanoid.

Software Price: $15
Software Version: 2.6
Release Date
: 3/30/2001

Size: 3.26 MB
Platform: Windows 95/98, XP, Windows 2000

Download Link: Arkanoid -The Virtual Isles Download

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