A terrific breakout action game.

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Action Ball Deluxe

Alawar Entertainment

Your mission in Action Ball is to clear blocks off the screen using a ball and a paddle. Although straightforward, you will also face a legion of robots who will do their best to foil your attempts. A supply of special bonuses not seen in other Breakout games turns the tide of battle in your favor, however, including a dazzling multi-missile attack that destroys every robot on the display. Other features unique to Action Ball include stadium-shaped game boards and ten special blocks that can transform the layout of a level before your very eyes. Rounding out this package are outstanding 3D graphics and sound effects that beg to be played loud.

Software Price: $19.95
Software Version: 1.1
Release Date
: 12/13/2005

Size: 7.02 MB
Platform: Windows 95/98, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, WinME, XP

Download Link: Action Ball Deluxe Download

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