Albion Research Ltd.

Add dynamic links to any web page (needs IE)

Albion CrossLinks

Ever wished a web site had the links you needed, rather than the links the web site designer needed? A simple right-click lets you add search, translation, unit conversion, currency conversion, email and other links to any web page you are browsing.

Tags: add-on adds browser addins browser add-ins browser tools browser utilities convert features ie page search search tools translate web

Repetitive Strain Injury-RSI Prevention Tool

Albion StopNow!

Taking regular breaks to avoid RSI problems can be hard without help. Albion StopNow! monitors your computer and gives you a discreet reminder if it finds that you have worked for too long without taking that necessary break.

Tags: break reminder ctd cts injury oos prevention repetitive repetitive strain injury repetitive stress injury rsi strain stress tool

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