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AMC GIF Construction Set Pro

Alchemy Mindworks

AMC GIF Construction Set Pro is the world's most widely-used Windows GIF animator to assemble, edit, and optimize animations and create transparent GIF files. Features: Build instant animations with Animation Wizard. Reduce the size of your GIF files with Supercompressor. Build special-effect text banners with the Banner generator. Create sophisticated animated transitions between still images. Rotate, crop, colour-adjust and resize all or part of an animation sequence. Implement transparency in still and animated GIF files. Convert GIF files to AVI and MOV - animate your PowerPoint presentations. Create rotating two-dimensional animated graphics. Protect your graphics with Protection Matrix. Manage the controls of multiple images with breathtaking ease. Generate animated GIF files by remote control with integrated scripting. Generate text and animations with soft shadows. Reverse the order of the images in a GIF file. Export animated GIF files to MNG. Export animated GIF files to SWF (Macromedia Flash(TM)). Get up to speed quickly with extensive documentation and tutorials so you can get right down to things that flash and move.

Software Price: $24.99
Software Version: 3.0a.28
Release Date
: 10/24/2008

Size: 11.59 MB
Platform: Win98, WinME, NT 4.x, Windows 2000, XP, Vista

Download Link: AMC GIF Construction Set Pro Download

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