New paradigm in advanced schema management

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Altova, Inc.

Altova SchemaAgent 2006 is the compelling new paradigm for modeling and managing advanced schemas and their components in enterprise workgroups. It lets you view all your schemas as a pool of resources and construct complex schemas from elements of other schemas distributed about your network. This promotes the design of componentized schemas upon which your group can standardize and yields schemas that you can easily reuse and interconnect to reduce development times. See how schemas are utilized in your information infrastructure. In addition to XML Schemas, now also inspect and administer schemas used as the sources or targets of Altova MapForce data mappings. SchemaAgent can be run stand-alone, or operated in client/server mode to share resources in a workgroup. SchemaAgent provides access to files on network servers, on the Internet, or stored in any standard repository. It is easy to use via its own interface or through the schema view of Altova XMLSpy. The SchemaAgent explorer pane displays the schemas available in the server path you designate, and you can organize them there as needed. The design pane displays a visual representation of selected schemas and the relationships between them on both the whole schema and schema component levels. You can create, update, or delete schema references through the drag-and-drop interface, and all changes to a given schema are saved back to the repository and automatically propagated to all other schemas that reference it. Includes, imports, and redefines are indicated by color-coded connecting lines between components. Details on global elements, attributes, complex and simple types, and foreign data types are also presented. You can even save schema representations for documentation purposes. SchemaAgent simplifies the challenge of managing the multitude of schemas that often exist within an organization or even a single XML-based project. Control your schema assets with ease. Download Altova SchemaAgent 2006 today.

Software Price: $249
Software Version: 2006
Release Date
: 10/3/2005

Size: 9.00 MB
Platform: XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003

Download Link: SchemaAgent Download

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