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ApexSQL Code is a RAD Code Generator tool

ApexSQL Code

ApexSQL Code is a Rapid Application Development (RAD) Code Generation tool for Microsoft® SQL Server© 7 or 2000 that enables you to automatically generate thousands of lines of perfect ASP, VB, C#, SQL (and more) code in just seconds.

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Apex SQL Diff compares SQL server databases

Apex SQL Diff

Apex SQL Diff is Microsoft SQL Server based, high speed database comparison tool that will compare the differences in tables, procedures, views, users, etc. between two databases.

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Apex SQL edit is a SQL database editing tool

Apex SQL Edit

Apex SQL Edit is a complete development, editing and deployment environment for SQL Server Developers. Apex SQL Edit provides Visual Source Safe Integration and powerful features not found on other SQL editors

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Converts databases to scripts, .net exe''s

Apex SQL Script

Apex SQL Script converts databases to scripts, .net exe''s and deployment packages. Apex SQL Script creates insert scripts from Microsoft SQL Server database that can be archived, emailed, checked into source control, run against another database et

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Apex SQL Doc is SQL tool to document SQL data

Apex SQL Doc

Apex SQL Doc is a powerful tool to document your sql server database into HTML and CHM help Documentation including VS2005 style and HTML 2.0 support.

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