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April16 ActiveX Components

The NetIPComboBox .Net Component is a combobox control designed for IP Address input. The NetIPComboBox allows/restricts the end user when entering an IP address. NetIPComboBox can be configured to accept wildcard characters. NetIPComboBox also includes a Ping function that allows the currently entered IP address to be checked.Functions are included for using the currently selected IP address to test port availability for HTTP, FTP, POP3, plus many more. The NetIPComboBox appearance can be completely customized to fit your application forms, including default styles for XP, Vista, Office2007, Outlook2007.

Software Price: $10
Software Version:
Release Date
: 4/25/2008

Size: 0.03 MB
Platform: Windows 2000, XP, Windows 2003, Vista

Download Link: NetIPComboBox Download

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