Athnetix Software Products

eTIMER counts/measures athletic events.


eTIMER is a software application that counts, times and measure just about any athletic event or drills. eTIMER is unique, in that either a tradition keyboard/mouse or a wireless RF device that connects to an available printer port can control it.

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Sports Tools provides sports timing functions


Sports Tools is a software application for the Pocket PC which provides many of the common sports timing functions used in athletics.

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eCOUNT - Long Distance Target System.


eCOUNT is a wireless software application that uses computers and hardwired or wireless RF technology to count long distance 350+ feet target hits.

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eClock is wireless game or event clock.


eClock is wireless game or event clock that runs on a Windows 95/98/Me/2000/NT4.0/XP PC. It uses wireless RF technology to start and stop the clock. The RF transmitter has a working range of well over 150+ feet. eCLOCK can track up to 4 periods.

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PPC is a professional pitching chart.


PPC is a professional pitching chart that tracks pitch location and pitch speed by type of pitch and inning. PPC also has a sports timer that functions just like a stop watch.

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