SDK for building .NET imaging applications

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Aurigma Graphics Mill for .NET

Aurigma Inc. / EveryThingCyber

Graphics Mill for .NET is an SDK for developers who need image manipulation and related functionality for their Web or Desktop applications. The SDK includes rich functionality to develop professional apps: web to print solutions, print imaging solutions, online photo editors, brochures and business card editors, etc. Your app will be able to draw shapes, text, bitmaps, save and load from all popular image file formats (including PSD read support), convert between color spaces, use color management profiles, apply various transforms, artistic effects and filters, perform color correction and adjustment, do red-eye effect removal, work with videos and image metadata and do a lot more. Graphics Mill comes in x86 and x64 versions and has memory-friendly implementation, optimization for multiple CPU cores and CPUs, multithreading, etc. Web Controls With AJAX vector objects controls, end users can draw text and shapes directly on the canvas in web browser. Shapes and text can be dragged and dropped, arranged into layers. Users can apply fills to shapes and draw text in different colors, change font type, size and weight, etc. AJAX viewport control downloads and/or crops only the visible part of the displayed image. Viewed image areas are cached at the client. Desktop Controls Multilayer control can handle multiple overlapping objects in the same document. Objects can be transformed by end user and united into groups. Graphics Mill offers a Thumbnail List control that provides great flexibility, in the meanwhile offering fast generation of thumbnails for image files. With Thumbnail List control, you can choose between four view modes, dynamically add/remove list items, sort and arrange items, etc. Graphics Mill provides a memory-friendly printing control: printing of multipage TIFF files, printing of image sets, optimized placement of images, automatic handling of size and position, etc. Visit for more information.

Software Price: $499
Software Version: 5.5
Release Date
: 12/17/2009

Size: 23.50 MB
Platform: Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Windows Server, Vista, Vista 64-bit, XP

Download Link: Aurigma Graphics Mill for .NET Download

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