Customizable HTML pages: Edit and Highlight.

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Amazingly simple idea : While browsing, point to the word you want to modify or highlight, - and start the editing! Very similar to working in text processor! Edit text. Insert images, emoticons, hyperlinks. Set colors, fonts, and bookmarks. Switch to original version at any time. Or view highlights only! But conceptually, TuneText is a Customizer rather than editor. Its focus is on helping readers(!) to adapt, personalize existent content by making small improvements. Easy 'Point and Click' interface. Create your own view of the Web or eBook content! Share it with community, yet preserving original version intact and secure! This technology is a set of original solutions, implemented as a universal module in HTML and JavaScript. Browser IE5.5+ is the only requirement. For content developers, a special Builder converts their HTML pages into the ready-to-use Tunetext application. Display modes: original view, Edit/Highlight-enabled, show Edits or Highlights Only. Highlight modes: color, underline, italic, bold, uppercase. Protection: Disable Copy, RightClick, Print, none. Encode HTML source code. The key novelty is in applying the "cellular" structure to information: along with separating HTML tags and textual content, the latter is breaked into words ("cells"). You are saving changes only, - those cells that were modified, rather than the whole document! As if each word has its own mini-editor. The advantage is not only in a more compact and fast format, but also in separating creator's and reader's content (if any). The protected content you can play with! Highlights are automatically saved on local computer (as Microsoft's Userdata Behaviour). Saving them as Backup file is supported as well. Ideal for developers of e-Learning content: tutorials, online and CD libraries, eZines, etc.

Software Price: $49.50
Software Version: 1.3
Release Date
: 8/11/2004

Size: 0.79 MB
Platform: Windows 95/98/ME, WinNT 3.x, NT 4.x, Windows 2000, XP, Windows 2003

Download Link: TuneText Download

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