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DOS Command Prompt Directory Utility


DOS Command Prompt utility. Open a Command Prompt from a Window pick-and-point directory. Print nested directory trees to the printer. Add user defined paths to a quick retrieval menu. Type DOS and Windows commands from with a Windows Line Prompt.

Tags: command copy desktop directories directory dos easy to use explorer fast file free make manager mini mkdir pick-and-point prompt rename rmdir simple tools utilities utility windows

Make your disk drive a personal organizer


Mini-Desktop Organizer manages your disk drive with notebook directory tabs. Memo pad opens and saves on a click. Recall commonly used directory paths. Line Prompt starts programs and doublles as a math calculator. Includes batch file editor.

Tags: desktop directory easy to use explorer fast file manager memos mini notebook notepad notes organizer pick-and-point post-it quick simple tools utilities utility windows

Display text in a pop-up message box


Batch file tool displays text in a pop-up dialog box. Includes simple Windows dialog box for small files and message box with scrolling and print to printer. Enhance DOS batch files and adds information boxes to the Windows Desktop.

Tags: bat batch box command prompt dialog disiplay displays dos free information message popup simple text tools utility windows

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