Creates a hardware-independent cloning image

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Universal Imaging Utility for Windows 2000

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The Universal Imaging Utility makes it possible to maintain and use one image file for use on any Windows XP or Windows 2000 computer. Used alongside cloning tools such as Ghost or Altiris, the UIU simplifies the migration or rollout process by creating a single, hardware-independent master image. The Universal Imaging Utility prepares your master machine so that the image created from it can be deployed successfully across any hardware platform. Regardless of whether it is a IBM, Dell or white box, a laptop or desktop, the UIU works with any Windows imaging software application that works correctly with Sysprep. But, unlike Sysprep, the Universal Imaging Utility is easy to use and does not require extensive use of command-line instructions. Experienced users of cloning utilities will appreciate the time-savings in using the Universal Imaging Utility. As cloning software has evolved, the burden of keeping and maintaining multiple Image files has become unmanageable. User challenges include incompatible HALs, numerous blue screens, IDE controllers that do not work and missing plug-and-play IDs. These are some of the problems solved by the UIU. The UIU license also includes 12 months of maintenance updates. This ensures that as new computers are purchased, the single master image will still be all that is needed for migrations.

Software Price: $19.00
Software Version: 1.5
Release Date
: 9/15/2004

Size: 397 MB
Platform: Windows 2000

Download Link: Universal Imaging Utility for Windows 2000 Download

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