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ProJPEG for Macintosh

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ProJPEG is an Adobe Photoshop file format plugin that has been the ultimate JPEG tool for Web graphics professionals for years. Provides advanced tools, precise controls, and instant feedback so you can create the best, smallest JPEG's for the web. Gives you side by side before and after previews so you can see exactly how your image will look and tells you the exact size the saved file will be with your currently selected options. Use the file size finder to automatically optimize the settings for a specific file size. Apply prefilter smoothing selectively to the image based on mask to preserve quality in important areas while getting maximum compression in others. Yow can't make a mistake with the fast, amazingly interactive, extremely intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing interface that shows you what the exact results will be for every choice you make. Use the preset manager to quickly apply the same settings to each of your files.

Software Price: $49.95
Software Version: 6.0
Release Date
: 2/8/2005

Size: 0.72 MB
Platform: Mac PPC

Download Link: ProJPEG for Macintosh Download

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