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Briscoe Solutions Inc.

Insta-Graph is an add-in for Microsoft Excel that will revolutionize the way you create and use graphs (aka charts) in Excel. Anyone who has to analyze information, identify trends, prepare budgets, forecasts, or look at any other information in Excel where graphing is helpful will benefit from Insta-Graph. Insta-Graph overcomes major weaknesses of the built in charting tool that ships with Excel. You can graph cell values automatically and instantly simply by selecting a range in Excel. As you select, unselect, or change cells the graph changes instantly to reflect your selection. You can predefine an unlimited number of formats and layouts for your graphs and save them as themes in Insta-Graph. Whenever you open an Insta-Graph window the theme you used last is automatically applied. Insta-Graph offers a more organized layout of the available graph options. You can add the graph into your Excel workbook. Insta-Graph has numerous other features built in that improve on Excel charting.

Software Price: $29.00
Software Version: 2.0.1
Release Date
: 3/17/2008

Size: 5.85 MB
Platform: Windows 2000, XP, Windows 2003, Vista

Download Link: Insta-Graph Download

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