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Add images, import sounds, create AVI videos!

Antechinus Animator

Antechinus Animator: the easiest way to create AVI videos. Import images, sort them, add sounds and your logos and create AVI-s. Extract images from AVIs. Merge AVIs and WAVs. Convert AVI to MPEG. Perform morphing.

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Spice up your web pages with JavaScript.

Antechinus JavaScript Editor

Add JavaScript code to your web pages quickly and easily - giving your Web creations a real edge. Save time and automate everything: run JavaScript directly from the Editor. Create stand-alone programs: fully-fledged HTML Applications.

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Design, compile and run C# applications.

Antechinus C# Programming Editor

Seamlessly integrated with Microsoft's Beta 2 version of .NET, Antechinus allow you to design, compile and run C# applications from the integrated environment. You can generate and maintain console and Windows programs, libraries and add-on modules.

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Record, edit, enhance, convert and play audio

Antechinus Audio Editor

Easily record, edit, enhance, convert and play your sound files with Antechinus Audio Editor. Enjoy fast point-and-click editing. Combine, copy, record, mix, insert, and do audio operations easily, with the support for all popular sound formats.

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Create animations, videos, images and sound.

Antechinus Animator Professional

Easily create & edit animations, videos, images, and sounds in 40+ formats. Run your first animation in LESS THAN 5 MIN. - Capture anything easily. - Convert/merge/extract/join in ONE go. - Music slideshows. - 35+ effects. - Web-optimize by 60+%

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