Split vinyl LP WAV recordings into tracks

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LP Ripper

CFB Software

LP Ripper makes the task of converting vinyl LPs, tapes and cassettes to MP3 files or CDs much easier. Just record each side of your LP as a single WAV file on your computer. LP Ripper automatically splits the file into a separate WAV file for each track. Optionally, it can also call your MP3 or WMA encoder to produce a separate compressed file for each track. You can listen to previews of tracks and visually trim the start and finish using the coarse/fine split-screen graphical display. Fades and silence can also be applied to the start and end of each track. Preset parameters are included for the freeware MP3 and WMA Encoders, FastEnc and WM8eutil.

Software Price: $29.95
Software Version: 6.3
Release Date
: 2/2/2004

Size: 1.24 MB
Platform: Win98, WinME, XP, Windows 2000

Download Link: LP Ripper Download

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