A spell checking Rich Text ActiveX component

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Chado Software, Inc.

SpellEditor is a versatile and powerful word processing Rich Text box control that takes your applications to the next level. Packaged as a simple ActiveX control (an OCX), it is easy to add your VB6, VB.NET, VFP, Access or IE-based applications. SpellEditor adds Rich Text capabilities to your reporting applications. It supports multiple fonts, bullet points, colored text, hanging indents, automatic detection of hyperlinks, user-created hyperlinks, and everything else you'd expect from a word processing text box control. It's perfect for presentation-quality output, including embedded images and OLE objects such as graphs and charts. Printing support includes customizable headers and footers, as well as adjustable margins. Rich Text is an industry standard method for storing and displaying formatted text and graphics. Rich text saved from a SpellEditor control can be displayed using WordPad, or any other Rich Text compliant application. With the ability to load and save RTF and HTML documents, along with features your users will appreciate like Print Preview, configurable toolbars, built-in spell checking, and AutoType, SpellEditor will save you months of coding. Drop in word processing functionality also includes find and replace, built-in spell checking using a dictionary of 135,000 English words (UK dictionary available), page breaks, hyperlink detection (and custom hyperlinks) and more. Use AutoType to set up automatic replacement of short keywords (or function keys like F4) with longer phrases as you type - perfect for commonly-used phrases like signatures, standard verbiage, product or company names, etc. Easy data binding works with either text or memo fields.

Software Price: $325
Software Version: 3.1
Release Date
: 1/19/2004

Size: 5.15 MB
Platform: Windows 95/98/ME, WinNT 3.x, NT 4.x, XP, Windows 2000, Windows CE

Download Link: SpellEditor Download

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