Find, scan, preview, erase index.dat files

Index.dat scan

Protect your PC privacy! Prevent spyware and malicious web sites from tracking your activities! Find, scan, preview, erase index.dat files, clean history, temp, cookies, user data and other hidden information on your PC. free up hard disk space.

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optimize optimise search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimizer Optimiser

search engine optimization, optimisation - optimize optimise search engine listing ranking placement ensure. Instantly create keyword web pages. Easy to use. Master in five minutes. Design keyword web pages site promotion

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Steganography, encryption, images

Steganography Premium

Use steganography and digital watermarking techniques to encrypt / encryption any file in any other file. Often used to hide data / messages in image files / photographs, but this software allows you to hide anything in any other file type.

Tags: digital digital watermarking encryption files hide image image files photographs steganography watermarking

Protect lock hide encrypt folders files


Password protect, lock and hide folders or directories and their subdirectories and files on your PC. Encrypt files with BLOWFISH, CryptAPI. Hide messages in photograph. Stealth email. Encrypt password files and bank

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