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Cobra Check Mail

Cobra Apps

Simply and easily monitor for mail on any number of your POP3 mail servers, including secure servers that use SSL such as Hotmail (Windows Live), Google Mail (Gmail) and Microsoft Exchange Server. Runs in the background and shows on your desktop Taskbar when mail is received on your mail servers. A balloon pop-up notification shows you when new mail arrives, and you can even play your own sound file. You can then choose to view each mail header, without downloading the mail itself onto your computer, and choose what to delete or keep. It uses minimal resources and has a small footprint, so negligible impact on memory and CPU usage as opposed to having your normal mail client continuously running. This is invaluable for removing potential viruses, spam and junk mail before they get anywhere near your computer. Comes with comprehensive user guide. Features: - Supports multiple POP3 accounts - Supports secure servers using SSL - Works with hotmail, windows live, google/gmail - Runs in background with task bar icon - Works with any POP3 mail provider - Check any mail before downloading - Simple to use and setup - Helps to avoid email viruses, spam and junk mail - Play your own sound WAV file on arrival of new mail - Small footprint - uses minimal resources - User guide

Software Price: $8
Software Version: 1.25
Release Date
: 9/11/2011

Size: 0.26 MB
Platform: Windows 7 32-bit, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows Server, Vista, Vista 64-bit, XP

Download Link: Cobra Check Mail Download

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