ConnectCode Silverlight Animator

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ConnectCode Animator

ConnectCode Pte Ltd

ConnectCode is an animation authoring software that helps you create stunning and interactive effects for your website using the Microsoft Silverlight platform. It is simple to use, fully featured, professionalm and open source. You can easily create vector graphics, import pictures, create text and add animation effects in the designer tool without any programming experience. The animator will automatically generate the output for you which you can upload to liven up your website. Features and Benefits : Create Stunning Effects to Liven up your Web; Supports a large collection of Animation Effects; Extremely simple to use; Fully integrated Designer Tool; WYSIWYG (What You See Is -What You Get); Manage your animations with reusable projects; Large Clipart Library; Modern User Interface; Grid Support; Zoom Control; Vector Graphics; Image Graphics; Full Color Support; Player Control; Generates Silverlight output automaticall; Free for both Commercial and non-Commercial use; Open Source.

Software Price: Freeware
Software Version: 1.0
Release Date
: 12/12/2008

Size: 2.87 MB
Platform: XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista Home

Download Link: ConnectCode Animator Download

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