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Sparklines for Excel (Open Source)


TinyGraphs is an open source Excel add-in that creates sparklines, mini column graphs, and area graphs from a row of data. It generates beautiful tiny graphics that are as small as a cell and are useful for visualizing large quantities of data.

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ConnectCode Duplicate Remover Excel Add-in

ConnectCode Duplicate Remover

ConnectCode Duplicate Remover is a powerful add-in for finding and removing duplicates entries in Excel. It can save you hours of time when you need to find the unique items within a massive list of multiple entries.

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ConnectCode Deluxe Add-In for Microsoft Excel

ConnectCode Deluxe Add-In for Excel

ConnectCode Deluxe Add-In for Microsoft Excel is a collection of commonly used add ins for improving the productivity of an Excel user. The collection is derived from the accumulation of many years of experience from Excel experts and industry users.

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Sparkline and Bullet Graphs Add-in for Excel

ConnectCode SparkCode Professional

SparkCode Professional is an add-in for Excel that lets you create sparklines - data intense, simple graphics that are as small as a cell - using TrueType fonts. It is a valuable tool for creating dashboard reports in Excel for visualizing data.

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Professional True Type Barcode Font

ConnectCode Barcode Font Pack

ConnectCode barcode fonts enable barcodes in office applications and softwares that support text display. It ships with an Encoder that can create images out of the barcode fonts and includes samples for working with Windows Presentation Foundation.

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