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Automatic dialog box buttons clicks

DialogDevil 2007

DialogDevil is four desktop automation tools in one all sharing the same interface. You drag a small icon from DialogDevil to another program to automate auto-click, auto-fill, auto-close, or auto-position.

Tags: annoyance annoying answer auto auto-click auto-close auto-fill automatic auto-position block box boxes button cancel click close

SpamAI multi-user spam blocker auto-updates.

SpamAI Multi-User Spam Blocker

SpamAI multi-user spam blocker auto-updates. Stay one step ahead of spam effortlessly. All e-mail is kept for a month in the SpamAI archive by default so that no e-mail is ever lost, even if deleted within email program.

Tags: anti antispam anti-spam block blocker bulk email e-mail eudora express filter in junk mail multi-user opt opt-in opt-out out outlook spam spamfilter stop unsolicited unwanted

Broadcast pop up alerts to Desktop via web

DAIRGram Server-Push Popups

Broadcast server-push popup alerts to subscriber desktops. Runs continuously in background and pops up notifications from site inside an ordinary browser window. Use for alerts, subscription services, syndication, etc. Visit www.dairgram.com

Tags: alerts broadcasting marketing motd server-push services status

Point and click HTA deploy toolkit

HtmlApp Studio

Point and click deploy toolkit for wrapping HTML, HTA, CSS, GIF, JPG, PNG, BAT, EXE, ZIP, and other file types into a single EXE with custom icon. A built-in HTA creator designs rich user interfaces using only html in a native application.

Tags: admin batch deploy exe gadget hta html icon scripts serialize widget

Convenient 1 click screen zoom.


1ClickZoom magnifies your computer screen with all the functionality of the built-in Windows screen magnifier program magnify.exe. 1ClickZoom provides convenient access to magnify.exe and remembers the starting layout of your desktop icons.

Tags: assistive big bigger enlarge magnify myopia vision zoom


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