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Network Monitoring Software


DEKSI LAN Manager is an advanced, powerful, and feature rich program designed for high speed network management. DEKSI LAN Manager provides network management, discovery and monitoring software for networks.

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Modem pooling and sharing software

DEKSI Modem Pooling

DEKSI Modem Pooling (DMP) is an advanced, powerful, and feature rich client-server software system that allows you to share any serial (COM) port on a remote computer from your local computer via a TCP/IP network connection.

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Remote Deployment software

Remote Administration

Remote Administration is a tool for network administrators for deploying and Installing Service Pack and Microsoft HotFixes Remote and Silently.

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Feature rich Web Enabled CRM Software


DEKSI CRM is a powerful and feature rich multi-platform and scalable, on demand, Web-enabled CRM solution.

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Powerful Encryption software

DEKSI Secure

DEKSI Secure is a powerful and feature rich encryption program using five of the strongest encryption algorithms available to protect all of your valuable data and files. Windows 9X, NT, 2000, XP, 2003 Server compatible.

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