DELEMME Diffusion

Mainly for Acupuncture practitioners.


The energy flows along the human body. It follows a given path, and some AcuPoints may be not "optimized" at a given date. This program finds which AcuPoints are opened at a given date. It implements antique Chinese Techniques: Zi Wu Liu Zhu ....

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For Beginners and PRO.

King of the Stars

This software allows you to create astrological charts (Western or Chinese Astrology), to analyze them, to store them in a Data Base and to navigate in this Astrology Oriented Data Base.

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For Beginners and PRO. Live in better Harmony


Learn how to live in better Harmony, Increase your Luck! This software allows you to: - enter a House orientation and a building year and generate a Feng Shui report. - create Chinese astrological charts (BaZi or FourPillars), to analyze them.

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For Beginners and PRO. Read the future.

DLM 666

Numerology allows you to understand somebody's personality. And to make forecasts. Try it, it's amazing.

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