United States 5-Digit ZIP Code Database

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United States ZIP Code Database, Premium Edition

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Complete geocoded United States 5-digit ZIP code data. This product contains all United States ZIP codes currently in use, their preferred and alternate city names recognized by the USPS, full county name, full state name and abbreviation. Geographic latitude and longitude coordinates in decimal degree format with six digit decimal position precision. All area codes including overlays ... this product contains all area codes in use within a particular ZIP code. Full time zone and daylight savings time plus FIPS state and county codes are include as well. Data is delivered in ASCII text CSV flat file format. Easily imports into Microsoft Excel, Access, SQL or any database engine that supports CSV or text import.

Software Price: $39.95
Software Version: 2.00
Release Date
: 5/17/2004

Size: 1.15 MB
Platform: Not Applicable

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