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Datacatch Desktop Search Assistant

Datacatch Inc.

With Datacatch Librarian and our Desktop Search Plug-in you will never again waste time and money connecting removable drives or DVDs to search for critical archived files. Instantly find any file, photo, design, backup, or download stored on CD, DVD, flash memory or removable drives. Business archive files or graphic and engineering designs are now at your finger tips; even view thumbnails, and because Datacach is totally integrated with Windows there's nothing new to learn. Datacatch Librarian is the answer for everyone who needs an easy-to-use management system to bring order to their removable media and the files they contain. For small business owners and home computer users finding it difficult to implement reliable and easy-to-use data backup, archive and media storage solutions- Datacatch provides the answer with simple to use Windows software. Because Datacatch Librarian is fully integrated with Microsoft Windows there's no need to learn new software. A single search finds files stored on local hard drives and removable media not connected to your PC. Datacatch automatically catalogs your removable media containing archives, back-ups and other files. Easily organize your physical media using your existing CD and DVD wallets, racks and shelves - Datacatch will even tell you what slot your disc is in. Manage borrowed media and their movements to prevent loss or theft. New legislation means that businesses are required to store their data more safely and efficiently than ever before-Datacatch helps by providing an affordable and basic reporting solution to help business comply with these new laws. Home PCs are full of images, movie files and other downloads that take hours to download and even more time to locate when their needed. Now find files in seconds, such as BitTorrent or movie downloads or any files that are stored on removable media. If you have it, Datacatch will find it!

Software Price: Freeware
Software Version: 1.01
Release Date
: 1/31/2007

Size: 0.01 MB
Platform: XP

Download Link: Datacatch Desktop Search Assistant Download

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