Davor Zorc

 Create photo albums for web and CD


Zalbum is a tool to make large web browser based picture and movie albums.It is a complete solution for picture acquisition, management, annotation, album creation and uploading albums to Internet web site.

Tags: albums cd create internet photo storage upload web zalbum

A portable backup and synchronize tool


General purpose Win95/98, WinXP, Vista portable backup and synchronize tool. Modes: update files, refresh existing files or mirror mode Features: small size (150 kB), portable, no setup neccessary. Works from USB stick. Includes various file filters.

Tags: backup data backup synchronize usb backup

EwebCache:view/ save IExplorer cache- free


An utility for browser cache browsing. When activated the software will make CACHE.HTM Web page. This page lists all http, gopher and ftp addresses of files which exist in local cache.

Tags: 4 browser cache ewebcache explorer ie internet tool x-6

 Ssetup: setup+uninstall for win95/98/winXP


This is a general purpose Win95/98 or NT/winXP installation /uninstall utility. Features: small size (150 kB) one click Auto setup design - Setup, Uninstall and Setup design are all contained in a single file.

Tags: 98 general install installation nt purpose setup uninstall utility win95 winxp

Webcache:view/save from Navigator cache- free


Scan Netscape Navigator cache, find in cache, save pages or partially delete cache or scan bookmarks. It can create an HTML page that lists all http, gopher and ftp addresses of files which exist in local cache.

Tags: 0x 2 3 4 7x browser cache navigator netscape surfing tool ver web webcache

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