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Create Custom Screensavers from your pictures

Custom Pictures Screensaver

How about creating screensavers with a personal touch. Like "My trip to Italy" screensaver? Or "Friends and Family" screensaver. Now you can do it with Custom Pictures Screensaver from, and it's extremely easy too!

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Great and very funny screensaver

Funny Faces ScreenSaver

Everyone needs a good laugh. And this screensaver will do just that - make you giggle, chuckle, hoot, crack up, fall about and have hysterics. And soon the contagion will spread to your co-workers, friends, relatives and innocent bystanders.

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Cool 3D screensaver with 3D DNA model

3D DNA ScreenSaver

3D DNA Screesaver is a cool 3D screensaver that let's you look inside the cell. We've altered a bit the "correct scientific 3D DNA model representation" to give you better visual experience of this 3D Screensaver.

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Fantastic 3D Screensaver

3D Earth ScreenSaver

If you ever wanted a piece of art for your computer, this screensaver will certainly please your eye. And most probably all your coworkers will gather around your computer to stand in silent exaltation.

Tags: 3d art computer deaddybear earth ever free games piece saver screen screensaver wanted

Cool outer space 3D screensaver

3D Galaxy Screensaver

3D Galaxy Screensaver, as you've already guessed from the name, is a three dimensional screensaver picturing a galaxy. The screensaver continues the space series of screensavers from

Tags: 3d 3d screensaver cool galaxy screensaver outer screensaver space space screensaver


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