Classic Instructional Design methodology.

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IPISD Weblet

Design 4 Instruction

Weblet edition of Interservice Procedures for Instructional Systems Development (IPISD). The IPISD was first published in five separate printed volumes in 1975. It is the classic reference for all subsequent instructional design methodologies. Buy the full product and get a licence to install the IPISD Weblet on your personal PC's or your local intranet. Provide your consulting firm or your educational organisation with a searchable reference and methodolgoy to guide the development of educational materials. The weblet is in fully-linked HTM format. It performs best on the Internet Explorer browser. The IPISD Weblet provides the convenience of electronic access to this seminal document on you notebook PC, desktop PC, or local area network. The IPISD methodology has been in continuous use since 1975 by military and commercial organisations. Use this edition with confidence as the basis for your own ISD methodology, tailored to meet your local needs. The five phases: Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Control are contained in the full version weblet edition - along with a Subject Index, Acronyms and Glossary, Bibliography, FAQs, Navigation Map, and a full search engine.

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: 6/15/2005

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