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Solve fun puzzles with powers of 3 wizards

Once Twice Thrice

Control three elemental wizards who command the power of earth, fire, and water. Combine their powers to solve puzzles and outwit fantastic creatures like fire frogs, walking cacti, and torchguys. Play all 50 levels in any order. Fun and addictive!

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Abundantly fun puzzle game with 150+ levels


Abundantly fun puzzle game with 150+ levels, similar to Sokoban, Dweep, Fitznik, and Aargon. Push barrels, turn cranks, dodge radioactive piggies, teleport fluffies, fire ray guns, hurl acid, and when all else fails... blow stuff up! Very fun!

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Solve fun puzzles to save the baby Dweeps

Dweep Gold

Winner of 3 major industry awards, Dweep Gold is a refreshingly unique puzzle game with a twist. Creatively guide defenseless Dweep through a hostile environment to save the trapped baby Dweeps. Includes a level editor plus free solutions. Very fun!

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Fun 3D block game like Arkanoid or Breakout

Ploing 2

Ploing 2 is a stunningly beautiful 3D arcade game with classic block-smashing gameplay similar to Arkanoid, Breakout, Pong, and Pinball. A great game to play when you want that quick burst of arcade action without settling for outdated graphics!

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Unscramble famous quotes in fun new word game

Phraze Daze

Unscramble famous historical quotes while absorbing the wisdom of the ages in this fun new word puzzle game. Over 600 puzzles are included plus a custom level editor, and hints and full solutions are provided free at Fun and addictive!

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