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Split and rejoin your large files with ease.


SplitMe, is an universal binary file splitter and self-rejoin exe generator. Meaning that you may split any file type into smaller pieces in order to fit on floppy, cdrom, e-mail or other media type which size is smaller than original file size.

Tags: auto binary exe file generator rejoin self-rejoin split splitme splitter universal

Browse imageCDs while you keep them on shelf.

ImageCD Catalog

Browse your image CDs while you keep them on the shelf. Build in full-screen viewer with variable slide-show speed, powerful search function by name, date or user defined keywords, variable thumbnail size and quality and more.

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Pong game with a new look. Old look included.


WoodPong is an up-to-date remake after the old but gold Pong game. With a new look and feel, WoodPong brings back the old time into a new dimension. Fast graphics, incredible real sound, advanced artificial intelligence and many other features.

Tags: arcade ball bat download game ping pong retro video

Advanced image files organizer

Pics Organizer

Pics Organizer is one of the most complete software that may assist you to organize on hard disk and prepare for store on your preferred media pictures acquired with a digital camera. Find duplicates,advanced exif filters, rename, move, copy +more.

Tags: batch rename digital photo files collection create digital camera duplicates exif exif filter filter image organise image organizer meaningful more names-folders organizer photo photography software picture organizer

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