Software punch clock that generates reports.

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Punch Clock 2005


Punch Clock 2005 is a networkable time clock that runs on one or more computers. The software automates the time tracking and payroll process for managers and human resource departments. Its database engine allows instantaneous access to thousands of records. Managers have the flexibility to administer the Punch Clock 2005 Server from any Client machine. Over the shoulder administration has never been easier. Between the cost of a punch clock machine, its supplies, administration hours, and time theft, Punch Clock 2005 will save you time and money.Whether you are installing Punch Clock 2005 on a standalone computer or on a large corporate network, installation will be a breeze. Adding employees, setting payroll preferences, and locking the server clock should take no more than 5 minutes.The easy to use interface allows employees to punch in and punch out within one click. Employees can view their own hours and print their timesheet reports. To avoid user frustration, Punch Clock 2005 runs in the background at all times and is quickly accessible through the traybar icon. It is integrated extremely well with Microsoft Windows. Every time a user logs into their Windows account, the corresponding Punch Clock 2005 user profile for that employee will be automatically displayed in the application. Professional grade reporting allows administrators to get interactive, clear and concise reports. Drill-down reports enable administrators to move from summarized to detailed information quickly. Administrators can share reports and raw timesheet data with others in the organization. Reports can be exported as PDF, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, or Rich Text Format files. Timesheet data can be exported in XML or CSV formats.Punch Clock 2005 works on any TCP/IP network allowing remote SOHO and/or telecommuting access to both administrators and employees.

Software Price: $49.95
Software Version: 1.3
Release Date
: 12/2/2005

Size: 37.80 MB
Platform: XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003

Download Link: Punch Clock 2005 Download

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