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Disasters of the Deadly Nature


Disasters of the Deadly Nature is controversial, filled with information on the deadliest disasters known to man including the Oklahoma bombing. Was Timothy McVeigh just a scapegoat for a government sting operation gone bad? Or the fact a comet or asteroid - earth impact is more a reality than many want to believe. A close call in the 1980's woke the scientific space community to how unprepared the earth is. And what about the Titanic? The ship was plagued from the moment Titanic was placed in water. But the person ultimately blamed for the demise Titanic was not even on board or had anything to do with Titanic. And to this day his family is trying to clear his name. Disasters of A Deadly Nature will open the door to a new reality and fill your mind with more than catchy headlines and stories without substance flowing like runny soup, but with satisfying meat and potatoes to fill your knowledge palate.

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