How to make gadgets and gizmos for fun

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Gadgets and Gizmos


Have we lost our inventiveness? Rediscover it with this ebook. Clear wording and abundant diagrams give instructions for making over 40 gadgets, gizmos, interesting mechanical devices and simple, hands-on construction projects. The diagrams assist in ease of understanding. A high priority is given to being able to complete each project without special tools and materials. The cost of each project is low. All projects are make-it-yourself without having to buy kits. Only low cost and no cost materials are needed. Most items are made from small pieces of wooden boards, coat hanger wire, paper, used contrainers, discarded household items and common items found in most hardware stores. Many projects require no tools. Most require one or two common tools such as a scissors or hacksaw. This ebook will add to your appreciation and wonder about structural and mechanical curiosities. This ebook is a rich resource for the tinkerer. It is an aid to anyone who wants to develop ingenuity to use the tools and materials that happen to be available.

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