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A multimedia ebook of poetic prayers

Prayers for the Temple Within

The book of poetic prayers has been designed to be read and utilized by those interested in its religious, metaphysical and aesthic content. Non-denominational, the poetic prayers have been read from Protestant and Pentecostal pulpits.

Tags: chapbook christian ebook god images music mystic poetic poetry prayers religion spirituality temple within

Compulsive gamblers die hard

Seven, Out

All your life you dreamed of becoming a "heavy hitter". Now you have the chance to become THE heavy hitter. You have to gamble, gamble everything you own, even your life. You throw the dices and ...

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Meet gods, godesses and heroes of Greece

Mythologie Grecque

This superb fully illustrated French ebook will guide you through the imaginary world of Ancient Greece: mythology. Easy to navigate thanks to the menu, hyperlinks, search engine and index. A perfect tool to understand Greek Mythology.

Tags: antiquity ebook e-book explore gods greek heros history homer iliad mythology odyssey through travels universe

How to become a Supergenius on Three Wishes


This ebook is strange both in form and contents. Very hard to explain but the author teaches you a new approach, a new method to learn fast and REMEMBER what you learned. Is this an ebook? Is this a philosophic treatise? Find out by yourself!

Tags: become discover ebooks e-dition exercise genius how learning learns method one philosophy reading student training understanding

Reality is not always what it seems.

Chronicles of Whiteshadow Isle

This fantasy e-book illustrates clearly the consequences of misunderstanding and biased education. Prince Shawn of Whiteshadow Isle had always led a sheltered life, never experiencing the commoner world. All a sudden, his world comes down.

Tags: about different ebook e-book fantasy fiction literature reality


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