Web-Based Project Management

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EPIware provides tools for document storage, retrieval, and collaboration; project scheduling; task tracking and communications. Organizations can use EPIware to quickly establish a private, secure intranet that allows users to share documents and information, set deadlines, and manage projects from any computer with an internet connection. EPIware requires no client software installation, browser plug-ins, or complex configuration commands. If you can use a web browser, you can use EPIware to create and administer you project intranet. EPIware, Inc. (www.epiware.com) offers a reliable and efficient web-based collaboration application that uses minimal system resources. EPIware is an off-the-shelf Internet software application that provides affordable project and document management solutions for individuals, organizations, and companies. EPIware is specifically developed for fast track and user-administered collaborative workgroups and offers powerful and proven customer-driven capabilities available via an Internet browser.

Software Price: $900
Software Version: 2.1
Release Date
: 5/10/2002

Size: 4.4 MB
Platform: Linux

Download Link: EPIware Download

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