'Alpine Lake' Animated Desktop Screensaver

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SS Alpine Lake - Animated Desktop ScreenSaver

EleFun Multimedia

High mountains with the peaks in clouds, with snow-covered tops always cause inexplicable feeling of delight and pleasure. But they help to catch philosophical mood, give calm and strong sensation of freedom. But all this you could feel only when you stand at the top of a mountain.But now we are at the bottom of mountains in a dense wood. Centenary trees stand as impassable green barrier, and behind them the powerful heroes who have turn in a stone - the Alpine mountains - rise. And besides, here, at the bottom you find the small lake. Look attentively, and you will see as water in lake lightly rocks. And fishes live in this pure water, you'll see them too.Having decided to pass closer to mountains be attentive. Why? Well, it is the wild nature, and there the bear has passed between the trees, he won't touch you certainly if you doesn't begin to disturb him. Have you ever see a real bear? At first sight he is very slow and clumsy. But it only seems so. The bear the most dexterous hunter of a fish and he can run fast. So fast, that he can catch up a deer...Be silent, the deer seems not notice the bear. If the bear is clumsy, the deer is grace and fast. Horns on his head represent serious danger to the enemy... Stand, do not move, only observe what will be farther.

Software Price: $9.95
Software Version: 3.1
Release Date
: 3/30/2005

Size: 1.64 MB
Platform: Windows 95/98/ME, XP, NT 4.x, Windows 2000

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