Commando Xenidis is a Top-Down Actiongame.

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Commando Xenidis

Eric Behme

Commando Xenidis is a Top-Down Action Spacegame for one up to 4 players featuring different worlds, lots of spaceships and monsters, lots of extra-weapons etc. with missions in space and on the planets, After all planets of the system 'Xenidis' were terraformed in 2525 a.d. contact to our interstellar settlers was lost. A last transmission let us suspect something horrible had happened. To find out what was going on there, a special force unit with the code name â??Commando Xenidisâ? was ordered to find out anything about the lost settlers and to prevent any possible danger from earth. In this game you are flying a high-tech battle-ship through orbit of each planet to beam on the surface where you will destroy all enemies with your special-trooper.

Software Price: $12.00
Software Version: 1.2
Release Date
: 1/20/2006

Size: 47.96 MB
Platform: Windows 95/98/ME, Windows 2000, XP

Download Link: Commando Xenidis Download

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