Keep track of your and your friends expenses.

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Expense Sharer J2ME

Erlend Thune, M.Sc.

Financial software Expense Sharer is a book keeping program, it can keep track of one or several persons expenses and can split expenses between these persons. In 'Expense Sharer', each account has a name, an account number and, more untraditionally, an email address related to it. To 'Expense Sharer' a person is nothing more than an account. If you've ever gone on a vaccation or weekend trip with friends, you have probably also been blessed with the task of splitting bills and settling 'who owes who how much'. Although the process should be quite simple by itself, gathering the receipts and putting it all together often is a time consuming task. By entering expenses in 'Expense Sharer' you can get a complete overview of the balance for each person at any time. You can also transfer and present the information to the expense sharer web site and email the balance to the participants with balance and account number information, such that the participants have the information they need to wire the money instead of paying cash. 'Expense Sharer J2ME' costs $29.99 but can be evaluated for free. It is available from Erlend Thune, Theresesgate 52A, 0168 Oslo, Norway, T.+47 22569138, M.+47 41209858,,

Software Price: Freeware
Software Version: 1.18
Release Date
: 1/4/2005

Size: 0.06 MB
Platform: Not Applicable

Download Link: Expense Sharer J2ME Download

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