Turn your storage device into another brain

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Essential Skill Consultants Limited

Turn your storage device into another brain, and carry it to work on any PC. Searching for a piece of information on your hard disk can be very time comsuming and also quite dispiriting if you can not find what you want. As more and more information from the internet, email, office working files, digital cameras etc. accumulates, knowledge workers need an integrated, robust office suite with filing/document management capabilities to improve their daily work flow. TotalNotes does the job for you--totally. Although TotalNotes performs great installed on a PC or Notebook, it is completely portable. You can also install it onto any usb hard disk or flash drive and start it directly from the removable drive, letting you use it on computers that will not allow user installed software. This 100% portability makes TotalNotes an excellent integrated knowledge management solution for mobile workers who need to work on multiple computers, whether at home, at school, at the office (with administrative rights) or at a client's office, even at hotel business centers, airport lounges and internet cafes. No more trying to piece together information gathered on different machines. With TotalNotes everything can be managed in one spot, all the time.

Software Price: $49.95
Software Version:
Release Date
: 11/24/2006

Size: 12.59 MB
Platform: Windows 2000, XP, Windows 2003

Download Link: TotalNotes Download

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