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Diskeeper Professional Edition

It's not your imagination-computer systems really do slow down over time, and disk fragmentation is the cause. Disk fragmentation builds rapidly, causing system slowdowns, slow boot times, crashes, freeze ups, and even total system failures.

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Set It and Forget It Disk Defragmenter

Diskeeper Server Standard Edition

No matter how fast your storage system is, it only takes a few hours for disk fragmentation to increase access times and drag down performance and reliability. If you haven?t installed Diskeeper 8.0 on your servers, your investment is being nullified

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True “Set It and Forget It”® Defragmentation

Diskeeper Administrator Edition

Diskeeper 8.0 Administrator Edition is a first-ever tool of its kind, providing controls and views of a network that have never before been available. Busy system administrators can manage Diskeeper 8.0 on any number of machines.

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Set It and Forget It Disk Defragmenter

Diskeeper Home Edition

Your Computer Is Incomplete Without Diskeeper Automatic defragmentation is the only way to keep your computer running fast. Manual defragmenters can't keep up and are incomplete. Diskeeper is the fastest and most recommended automatic defragmenter

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Systems Management Simplified


Sitekeeper 3.0 provides the essential tools necessary to manage the systems on your network without the complexity, expense or bloat you've come to expect from systems management software.

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