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Awave Studio is a multi-purpose audio tool that reads over 240 different audio file formats from different platforms, synthesizers and trackers. It can be used in a variety of ways: as an audio file format converter, an audio editor, an audio and midi player, a song converter, and, last but not least, as a wavetable synthesizer instrument editor and converter. Here are just a few examples of uses: - Do you have a strange audio file that you want to use but can?t figure out how to convert it into any sensible format that can be used by the programs you need? Maybe you even have a large number of files that you need to convert or process in some way? Chances are good that Awave Studio can help you! - Are you a composer? Ever wanted to take advantage of all those free instruments floating around the web but found it impossible to get them in a format suitable for your synthesizer? Awave Studio reads the instrument formats of most (if not all) commercial synthesizers and soundcards and can also write a fair number of them! It also supports SDS and SMDI so you can send samples over Midi or SCSI. - Ever wanted to play a midi song that comes with an 'instrument bank' that were created for another wavetable sound card than yours? Awave Studio can not only make high quality conversions between the most of the major sound cards, it can also load both the midi song and the instruments and play it directly for you! Or write it as a WAV file on disk too if you prefer that! - Need a simple audio editor? You can do such things as resampling, fading in and out, maximizing amplitude, applying effects, and more. - Need an instrument editor for your wavetable sound card? Or not satisfied with the one that you have? It provides full support for all of the features of both the DownLoadable Sounds ('DLS') level 2 standard and the SoundFont 2.0 standard - and more! You can also ?customize? it for use as an editor for many other formats!

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